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The Water Crisis in Cameroon is Dire

Water Supply In Cameroon

I recently received a letter from one of our missionaries in the town of BatouriĀ …



During the Second World War, anxious for the survival of our missionaries in China and hoping to provide them with Mass stipends from the U.S., Father Ernest Dieltiens was sent to the United States to help seek financial support for the China missions and to find areas of ministry.

Eventually it was decided to establish a permanent CICM mission in the U.S. In April 1946, Father Dieltiens was able to buy an eleven-acre property called “Lyonhurst,” after its former owner, Mr. Lyons. The name was then changed to “Missionhurst.”



Missionhurst was able to provide support to Socio-Economic development projects in the amount of $50,026. Some typical examples appear below.

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: A few years ago, our benefactors saved the communities of Tsilomba and Munkamba from hunger and starvation. Their support enabled missionary Fr. Joseph Bataona, to start a training program promoting the importance of farming. The three hundred unemployed young people who completed the program they applied their skills in their local villages to grow vegetables and roots crops for their own.



During FY 2010/2011 Missionhurst directed $808,080 toward Pastoral projects.

Democratic Republic of Congo: For many years lack of electricity made it difficult for Fr. Kornelis LaTabo, a missionary serving the Kabinda, Tsikapa, and Munkamba parishes, to celebrate the sacraments and organize other pastoral activities. Meetings and training sessions had to be held mostly during the day, making it impossible for many people to attend because of their day jobs or other conflicts.